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HCP Meadjohnson

Website with CMS, integrated with the CRM

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Project overview

HCP Meadjohnson needed a new website that would enable its marketing team to publish product descriptions and educational resources and make it possible for clients to learn and download product samples.

Technologies used:
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Technologies used:
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The website had to perform all the necessary functions and at the same time be fast, easy-to-use and intuitive. The main project's challenges included:

  • Making it easy for the client's team to publish product descriptions

  • Enabling clients to order product samples

  • Meeting the Mead Johnson's requirements which kept changing throughout the project development

  • Making the website compatible with a mobile publisher


We proposed solutions designed for the website to perform all the necessary functions in the simplest way possible.

  • We divided the database into modules and submodules.

  • Each submodule had its own template thanks to which each website section could be perfectly adjusted to needs.

  • We created a customised website in CRM, which made it easy to type the data in and ensured the proper data hierarchy

  • We made sure the website was fully accessible


  • CEs can easily add new product samples and educational resources

  • Users are able to order product samples and download product materials

  • The website is compatible with mobile devices, mobile publisher application and accessible