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Scale your team whenever you need


We can delegate our specialists individually or as a team to reinforce your project and help you meet business requirements.


Let us use our IT expertise to quickly provide a selection of top-tier candidates for a permanent position in your team.

Try & Hire

Take your time to review your new contractor’s skills in practice, and offer them permanent employment at any time you choose.

Why use our outsourcing services?

Finding perfect employees requires more expertise than ever. We have 8+ years experience in building our clients’ dream teams. We know the market, the candidates and the companies that have your future employees in their talent pools, which allows us to find the right talents faster.

Technical proficiency

Ambition and independence

Communication and teamwork

Readiness for new challenges

Not just experts. Partners.

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Step by step to your dream team


Finding prospective candidates

Once we determine your hiring needs we’ll create a recruitment strategy and attract a number of prospective candidates. We’ll screen them to make sure that they suit your requirements.


Skills and knowledge verification

Rather than leaving you with a list of prospective candidates we take a more active approach. Let us verify their skills and knowledge to make sure they are a perfect fit.


Calculating employment costs

Selecting the right people is not the end of the story. Now it’s time to make sure that your hiring decision turns into great, measurable returns. We’ll help you do this by providing you with all the necessary calculations.


Introducing new hires

It’s time you get acquainted. Do you like your new team? Are you well-suited? Let the new hires take on new responsibilities while you watch your business grow.