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What we do

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User research

Start by researching and analysing your users’ needs and create the best experience for them.

Content Strategy

Attract, engage and retain more clients. Increase key performance indicators, revenues and profits.


Avoid costly mistakes in digital products creation. Get their basic structure designed first.

Interaction design

Put effort into designing interactions between users and products. Once well done, users will achieve their goals easily.

Usability testing

Understand your users’ preferences, habits or possibilities. Determine elements or processes that need improvement.

Visual design

Build a great design - visuals are part of an overall strategy. Create digital products that look and feel good.

Why invest in UX design?

The answer is simple. UX is where business goals meet user needs. Would you like to succeed in business? Succeed with your UX design first.

Save time and money

Get the basics right and save on costly revisions down the road.

Increase customer loyalty

A satisfied client is more likely to return.

Boost conversions

The better-designed user experience, the higher return on investment.

Get more referrals

A happy user might put in a good word for your application or submit a 5-star review.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

Steve Jobs

We promise outstanding and deliver it

Hands-on approach

Effective, smooth and timely communication. Let’s talk– life’s easier when stakeholders share views and exchange ideas.

User-centred interfaces

We don’t believe in “one size fits all” approach in design so our interfaces are built with users in mind.

Accessibility and inclusivity

No matter how exceptional or diverse your users’ needs are, we address them all

Out-of-the-box thinking

In order to find spectacular solutions we challenge assumptions and seek new alternatives.

Intuitive and responsive design

No guessing. Make sure your users understand and easily navigate your user interface, even on various screen sizes, browsers and devices.

Let’s plan your project


Kickoff meeting

Let us get crystal clear on the digital product you want us to create. Your needs, goals and main project assumptions – that’s all we need to start a successful UX project.


Product definition

We don’t just get to know your target audience. Once we start defining your product we live and breathe your target group’s needs, motives and interaction habits.



We assembled a team of best-in-class designers, which is why our information architecture and layouts are highly functional – visually appealing, intuitive and useful.



We perform tests to understand whether a product we created actually works for its users. At this point we locate and correct every usability flaw until we are sure everything is at its best.



At this point the designs are handed off to the development team. We continue working with them to build a fully functional product which undergoes a new cycle of testing and improvements. Now your product is perfect.

Meet our team

Bartosz Cichowski - ux & ui designer

Bartosz Cichowski

UX Designer
Joanna Micherda - ux ui designer

Joanna Micherda

UX Designer
Piotr Szymański UX Designer

Piotr Szymański

UX Designer