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Lysol Pro Solution

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Project overview

Our client - a worldwide leader in the anti-germ and cleaning products industry - asked us to create a new website. Its main goals were:

  • Increasing awarness and understanding of who they are, what they do and how they do it

  • Providing educational resources about maintaining health and safety conditions, among other things with regard to Covid-19

  • Building trust and loyalty

  • Generating leads

Technologies used:
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Technologies used:
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Building an easy to use and maintain website that educates, builds trust, generates leads and reflects the spirit and drive of Lysol

  • Creating a database structure, which is transparent and easy to maintain

  • Making adding dynamic content such as testimonials, images, videos or carousels possible

  • Storing user's contact requests as a marketing leads database

  • Easy article adding; Allowing editors to choose article section type

  • Creating pixel perfect styles for different design templates


Keeping things as simple as possible, yet providing all the necessary website functionalities.

  • We created 2 main objects for content to store articles and related to them article sections. Having only these 2 objects let us limit development time, as well as make the database more transparent and intuitive. Our designs required different record types which we have addded to main objects, so when adding new content via Salesforce UI it would not cause any problems. After choosing the needed section type and picking its order number, it appears in the right place and with the right styles.

  • We enabled sending contact requests for administrators, created custom object for Lysol Contact Request which stores information from contact form and automatically creates or updates new Contact in database with specified record type

  • The new website is 100% responsive and accessible


  • Meeting clients' time limits and requirements

  • The application can be easily maintained by content editors and developers

  • High performance of the page